A Guide to Instantly Become a Better Detailer

When you've got a detailing problem and you need to know what product to use, it usually takes some fishing. Until now, there have been no instant "here's your problem, here's your product" resources for exterior detailing on the web, so finding this information meant time consuming research, online shopping, and maybe even watching how-to videos on YouTube. That ends now. Here's a list of the most common detailing problems and the products you'll need to clean them right up…

Problem Solution
Dirty Wheels

Wheel Cleaner, pH Neutralizer, Wheel Sealant

Heavy Brake Dust

Intensive Brake Dust RemoverpH NeutralizerWheel Sealant

Faded Tire Walls

Tire Conditioner

Faded/Cracked Trim

Plastic Sealant

Dirty/Smudged Windows

Glass CleanerpH Neutralizer, Glass Sealant

Dry Paint

Paint Cleaner, Carnauba Wax

Swirl Marks

Clay Bar & Spray, Leveling Compound, Orbital BufferWax

Light Scratches

Gentle Polish, Finishing Glaze, Carnauba Wax

Door Handle Scratches

Gentle Polish, Carnauba Wax

Rough, Bumpy Paint

Clay Bar & Spray, Polish, Carnauba Wax

Fresh Bird Droppings

Detail Spray

Paint Etching (Birds, Sap, etc.)

See "Light Scratches" – if necessary see "Swirl Marks"

Dirty Car

Car Wash Soap – see "Dry Paint" for added luster

Stained Clear Coat (Paint or Wheels)

See "Light Scratches" – if necessary see "Swirl Marks"

Dirty or Scuffed Chrome

Metal Polish

Bug Remains

Insect Remover, pH NeutralizerBug Protectant

Use this go-to guide when shopping for car care products, and always double check it before detailing your car. Make sure you've got the right products before you begin the how-to search, and happy detailing!

Keep an eye out for Part II where we'll cover Interior Detailing Products!