3 Reasons To Shampoo Your Carpets

When your car's interior gets dirty, there's typically a lot of work to do. Everything from cleaning headrests to de-dusting consoles will help brighten your interior, but there is nothing as powerful as shampooing your carpets. A deep clean for your car's fabric flooring can really pay dividends and make your car feel younger and last longer, but Read More

Condition Leather Seats

How Often Should You Condition Leather Seats?

If you opted for leather, you must know it needs added attention. Often we're posed with the question "when should I condition my leather" and each time we tend to advise that it really depends on how much action it sees. What this means is that you'll be conditioning higher trafficked seats more than those less frequented. To give you a better Read More

Wheel Care Myths

4 Wheel Care Myths Worth Busting

While your wheels aren't always the first thing you jump to clean, they play a huge part in how good your car looks. Point is, a dirty set of wheels certainly isn't helping. If you notice that you're one of the many cars on the road with lusterless wheels, it's probably time for a detail. But before you bust out the sponge and soap, make sure Read More

How Weather & Climate Affect Car Care

Depending on where you are located in the world, weather and climate play a huge role in maintaining the appearance of your car. Some places, like Chicago, have four distinct seasons while others, like Arizona, really only have one or two. Internationally speaking it gets even wackier—there's sand to deal with in much of the Middle East, constant Read More

Beginner's Guide to Polishing

Beginner’s Guide To Detailing: Polishing (Part 1)

It seems as if we've been discussing polishing a lot on Behind the Detail, but I guess that's okay since the polishing process is the most widely misconstrued subject in car care. As a beginner, the first thing you need to know is that polishing "corrects" imperfections with abrasives and heat. What exactly does this mean? That's what the article's Read More

Winter Car Care

Top 5 Ways To Ready Your Car For Winter

Much like you grab a heavier coat, a warm cup of coffee, or a wool hat... your car needs additional protection against the elements come winter. This doesn't just mean a layer of car wax before the weather takes a turn for the worst, but rather shielding all areas exposed to the dangers of lowering temperatures. Continue reading for the top 5 ways Read More

Polish Less, Protect More

The Best Polish You’ll Ever Buy

...is a paint sealant. No, really, it is. You see, the idea behind polishing is that, by use of abrasives, you can revive your car's beaten paint back to pristine condition. While this is true and achievable, there is a major cost here: your clear coat. As I've mentioned before, overpolishing has become a major problem in the detailing world. What Read More

High Xpectations Matte CTS

2012 SEMA Show Recap

As quickly as it came, the SEMA Show is over. The enduring hangover from a great 5 days in Vegas is well worth the many months of preparation that lead up to our first year at the world's best car show. On behalf of everyone at Dr. Beasley's I'd like to thank those who made it possible, everyone who stopped by our booth, and all the great Read More