Glass Serum Just Released by Dr. Beasley’s


Resist Scratches, Glass Serum, Glass Protectant, Gorilla Glass, SmartPhonesGlass Serum is the latest in the line of Dr. Beasley’s innovative products. Glass Serum is a spray on product that will make glass scratch resistant. This product is unique in many ways, for one, it’s not limited to sole use on cars.

Glass Serum is a specially formulated spray on product to utilize physics based knowledge to prevent glass from scratching. It works on any type of glass including smartphones, tablets, automotive glass, and most ceramics including porcelain. The common denominator is that Glass Serum is designed to bond to silicon dioxide.

This product is designed to resist most scratches sustained in normal everyday wear and tear. Common damages to windshields occur from weather conditions, road debris, and wiper blades; they cause pitting, etching, and scratching which can affect visibility and clarity while driving. For smartphones and tables, Glass Serum will resist small micro scratches sustained from pockets, bags, and other mishandling habits which ultimately weaken the screen’s integrity. ¬†These are just a few examples, but the opportunities are endless.

Check out Glass Serum for yourself, every order made from will include a free microfiber glass cloth!