AMMO NYC – Larry Kosilla Podcast from the Mobile Tech Expo 2014

Larry Kosilla Podcast

Many of the best professional detailers around joined together in Orlando, FL  for the Mobile Tech Expo (MTE). While everyone did their part to manage the IDA (International Detailing Association) booth, the rest of the time was spent at events where these detailers could all get together and talk shop.

One of these events included a podcast recording by Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC. There was a plethora of notable detailers present to share their thoughts. Detailers included, Bob PhillipsJim LafeberRichard Lin, Jason Rose, Scotty PerkinRenny Doyle, and of course Larry Kosilla.

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The podcast covers the MTE event as well as a range of topics about active detailing like matte paint care, light refraction, the “un-cleanable” interiors in modern cars, and more! Make sure to check out this great podcast where all these great minds work together to better the industry with knowledge and passion.

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