Brass Tire Brush

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Brass Tire Brush effectively removes built up grime and dirt from your tire's outside walls. Using the Brass Tire Brush directly improves the resiliency of your tires, betters the appearance of lettering or whitewalls, and helps to properly preps the surface for Tire Conditioner. If your tires could use a face lift, try out the Brass Tire Brush and see for yourself how useful it can be.

• Tight-packed brass bristles safely remove dirt and grime
• Can be safely used on white sidewalls and all rubber tires
• Foam block handle for a firm grip and easy use




Sometimes tires encounter some of the dirtiest things on the road. Dirt, mud, and grime stand no match for the stiff and safe brass bristles of the Brass Tire Brush. Not only is this tool a quick and easy way to lengthen the life of your tires, this is also the perfect accessory to keep things that don’t belong on your tires off for good. The strong bristles help to prepare the tire walls for conditioning, helping you achieve a brilliantly natural finish for your tires. During any wash or tire detail, be sure to give your tires new life with the Brass Tire Brush.

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