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Our Wax Kit provides you with everything you need to bring the luster back to your car’s paintwork. Our Pre-Wax Prep is a paint cleaner which brings your paint back to life. It’s like an exfoliant for your paint. We’ve also included our flagship Ivory Carnauba Wax which leaves an incredible gloss and unrivaled durability. Top it off with a couple of foam applicators and you’ve got everything you need for a beautiful looking car.

  • Enough product for 10+ waxes

  • Yields a long lasting, brilliant shine after every use

  • Includes Pre-Wax Prep to ensure proper adherence to the surface




Pre-Wax Prep – Applying a paint cleaner is an important first step to take when waxing your car. It removes dead, oxidized paint, light to moderate scratches, road film, and tar from your paint allowing for a smooth surface ready to bond with a wax or paint sealant. Its non-abrasive formula makes it a great alternative to a clay bar when you don’t need to polish.

Ivory Carnauba Wax – A wax which can be used all year round. It protects from rain, snow, cold, and beating sun. It also provides the clarity, warmth, and depth of shine one would expect from a first-rate carnauba wax. And finally, it’s incredibly easy to use.

2 Foam Applicators – One for each product. Reusable and durable. Perfect for applying any wax or sealant.

2 Microfiber TowelsOne for each product. Reusable and durable. Perfect for removing any wax or sealant.

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