Carbon Glaze

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Carbon Glaze is a carefully formulated polishing glaze designed to enhance the appearance of carbon fiber panels, trim, and accents. Without heavy grit, this carbon fiber polishing glaze smoothens the delicate resin surrounding the carbon fiber to create a glass like clarity unmatched by any other product on the market. Add Carbon Glaze to your repertoire and experience perfect carbon fiber.

Leaves behind an incredible shine
Non-abrasive formula perfect for polishing carbon fiber
Creates an incredibly smooth surface, ready for protection

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From: $29.99



Why Use Carbon Glaze?

Carbon fiber panels and trim are made up of carbon filaments and a clear resin often referred to as gelcoat. This gelcoat protects and stabilizes each filament to prevent micro-buckling, and while it does a great job of protecting the carbon, it leaves its exposed surface vulnerable to UV damage, swirls, and more. Carbon Glaze relieves this pain and gives you the perfect solution for restoring carbon fiber to its original luster.

Carbon Glaze successfully reverses minor imperfections in carbon fiber such as swirl marks and staining without cutting into the gelcoat. Unlike a strong polish, Carbon Glaze will preserve the delicate resin and leave an even surface with an unbelievable glistening shine.

For best results, apply Carbon Glaze by machine and protect with a paint sealant.

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