Metal Polish


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Metal Polish (8 oz.) is uniquely formulated to return a brilliant, mirrored shine to your vehicle's metal surfaces, such as Chrome. Metal Polish restores clarity by eliminating tarnish, oxidation, water spots, corrosion and removing cloudiness to provide you with a sparkling surface after every use.

• Perfect for all types of wheels, grilles, and trim
• Creates a gleaming mirrored finish
• Restores minor defects from unsightly metal finishes

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Metal Polish is a technologically advanced product that not only works to restore, but protect metal finishes as well. We formulated this product to be safely used on all metal surfaces such as chrome, aluminum, steel, and more. Removing oxidation, water spots, corrosion, and cloudiness has never been easier. Metal Polish is designed to achieve a mirrored finish, leaving nothing but a reflection on your car's various metal surfaces. Clean, shining metal can make a car pop, and Metal Polish helps you get there.

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