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Before polishing your car, it is important to prepare the surface. This means using a clay bar. Our 200 gram clay bar glides over the paint surface while removing embedded particles and debris, leaving your car primed and ready for buffing. It’s also the perfect size; one bar will easily do an entire car. Buy today and buff your car like a pro.

Removes microscopic debris from your car’s paint Protects against unwanted swirl marks and scratches Leaves behind a smooth surface, ready for polishing



Why Clay Your Car?

We love cars, and we love seeing them well taken care of. That’s why we want to make professional techniques and products available to those who detail their cars at home. Over the years we’ve found that one thing many people don’t know about is clay. It’s a major aspect of proper exterior detailing and easy enough to do that anyone can use clay at home.

All too often we see someone polish their car with a machine and leave it in worse shape than when they started. One of the main reasons for this is that they don’t clay the car. While you can’t always see or feel it, your paint is speckled with tiny impurities and bumps. When you buff your car without properly removing them they are dragged across the surface of your paint, causing swirl marks.

Here’s a test: feel the paint surface with your bare hand; it should be relatively smooth. Now get some cellophane or other thin plastic and rub the paint with that. You’ll be able to feel every little bump and divot in your paint. Now imagine taking a polishing machine and grinding all those little particles into your paint. It’s not a pretty picture.

Using a clay bar will get that paint surface feeling smooth, and ready to buff or polish. Clay Bar is a mild abrasive, and we do not recommend using it unless you are prepared to buff or polish your car afterwards.

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