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Clay Spray is the perfect lubricant to use with a clay bar before polishing. Our Clay Spray was formulated to be the only clay lubricant on the market that not only provides a high level of lubricity, but also contains surfactants to loosen bonded particles for more effective claying. Order now and discover how effective claying your car can really be.

  • Incredibly high level of lubricity for the perfect clay treatment

  • Contains cleaning agents for the most effective claying process imaginable

  • Safe to use on all surfaces such as glass, paint, and chrome

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From: $14.99



What Makes This Product Unique?

Many people simply use a detailing spray or final finish type product (or even water!) as a clay lubricant. While some of these products are slippery, that’s all they do - they reduce friction between the clay bar and the surface. This is an important part of the claying process but it means that the clay bar itself is doing all of the work. What if the lubricant could help somehow?

It can. Clay Spray’s unique formula is not only incredibly slippery but it includes surfactants which help break up and loosen the tiny particles the clay bar is designed to remove. This means that the clay bar will work more effectively and when you polish your car you can have an even smoother surface to work with.

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