Glass Serum

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  • Creates a durable barrier which prevents glass     surfaces from being scratched.

  • Just spray on and wipe off. No need for plastic      film screen protectors.

  • Use on any glass surface. From household and   automotive glass to electronics.

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From: $14.99



Glass Serum leaves behind a durable, crystal clear barrier. This hard resin coating protects the glass surface from scratches by filling in microscopic imperfections and reducing friction.

It’s also really easy to use. Simply spray or wipe onto a glass surface, let it dry, and wipe it off.  You’ll never have to apply one of those plastic films screen protectors again. With Glass Serum there’s no  bubbling, hazing, loss of responsiveness, or difficult application.

And Glass Serum is perfect for any and all glass surfaces. This means it's great for iphones, ipads, android devices, and other electronics with touchscreens. It's also great for household furniture such as glass coffee tables. Glass Serum can be used on any silicon dioxide based surfaced such as glass, tile, porcelain, and other ceramics.

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