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Interior Cleanser (12 fl. oz.) safely cleans your vehicle's interior surfaces, removing embedded dirt, oil, grease, and more. Interior Cleanser is perfect for all interior details and cleanings, and is safe to use on almost all of your car's interior surfaces such as seats, headliners, trim, and even consoles. Our unique formulation allows this nonaggressive cleaner to give you a deep clean without worrying about harmful effects to your car or the environment.

• Deeply penetrates to remove stubborn dirt, oils, and grease
• Safe to use on plastic, vinyl, and composite seats, dashboards, consoles, and steering wheels
• Removes stains from surfaces such as door panels, consoles, and more

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From: $14.99



This multi-purpose, biodegradable cleaner provides a fast, easy and efficient approach to cleaning your vehicle’s interior. Interior Cleanser penetrates deeply to remove dirt, oil, grease and other stubborn stains from the various surfaces of your car's interior. Use on the dashboard, console, steering wheel and even leather (and faux leather), finishes! Its thick formula clings to the surface, lifting and dissolving dirt as it cleans. For safe, reliable and thorough interior cleaning, there's no competition.

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