Heritage Series Fine Polish

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Heritage Series Fine Polish is designed as the second step in our Paintwork Correction system. It’s optimized for modern paint finishes, but versatile enough for use on single stage paints. When used with Heritage Series Medium Polish this polish will quickly remove scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other surface paint defects while restoring the natural brilliance of your paint. Heritage Series Fine Polish before a glaze or wax to fully unlock the potential of your paintwork.

Helps eliminate paint dullness for incredible clarity and shine Removes swirl marks, scratches, and 2000 grit or finer sanding scratches Contains friction activated micro-abrasives Developed for use with rotary or orbital polishing machine

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From: $29.99



What Makes This Product Unique?

1. Our Heritage Series is the safest machine polishes on the market because of their micro-abrasive technology. Machine polishers do so much work on their own that you don’t need heavy grit in your polish when using one. Using a machine with a polish that’s too aggressive creates swirl marks.  Micro-abrasives are so minuscule that you can’t even feel them, meaning you will achieve extraordinary scratch removal without causing swirls as you go.

2. Another fantastic benefit of our micro-abrasive infused formula is that it makes our Heritage Series extremely efficient. Because they’re so small, micro-abrasives don’t break down as quickly as other types of abrasives. This means that scratches are removed quickly and there’s less waste because you don’t have to use as much polish as you would with other products.

3. We’ve buffed a lot of cars, and tried a lot of polishes. Some were better than others, but one thing they all had in common was that they made a mess. Our buffing machine would splatter the polish all over the place making cleanup a nightmare. We designed our Heritage Series Fine Polish with a no splatter formula so you won’t have to detail your garage after detailing your car. 

Use as a follow up to Heritage Series Medium Polish or on it's own. For the best shine possible, follow with a glaze or wax.

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