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The Mini Detail Brush is the perfect companion to keep around so your car stays clean and fresh. The dual sided brush heads (Nylon & All Natural Hogs Hair) and all-wood handle make this a versatile detailing tool that can be used just about anywhere within your car. Dusty vents and dirty trim stand no chance against the Mini Detail Brush, so what are you waiting for?

• Perfect for interior tidying of any kind

• Dual sided versatility of natural Boar's Hair and Nylon bristles

• Solid, all wood handle



The dual sided Mini Detail Brush combines the power of Nylon bristles with all natural Hog's Hair into one multidimensional accessory that everyone should keep in their glovebox. Perfect for dusty vents, crusty trim and gnarly seat seams, this brush is a sturdy and long lasting tool that can tackle nearly anything you can imagine it to. The gentle Hog's Hair end allows you to get inside vents and delicate surfaces without worry, while the Nylon end allows for a little tougher cleaning for areas such as cup holders, trim, and more. An everyday vent brush doesn't give you the versatility that the Mini Detail Brush does, making this the top option for interior pick-me-ups on the market today.

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