Premium Body Wash

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Premium Body Wash is a gentle, biodegradable car wash soap designed to optimally remove dirt and grime from your car. It’s “Thick Foam Formula” lifts dirt from the surface of your car so that it can be easily rinsed away. Its high lubricity reduces friction, eliminating the chance of surface scratches.

Because all of our products have been designed with the customer in mind we have added lanolin oil to prevent this product from drying out or irritating your skin. Buy now and experience the best car wash soap on the market.

Leaves a brilliant shine

pH balanced formula

Readily biodegradable

Premium Body Wash

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What Makes This Product Unique?

1. The foam that you see when you wash your car not only looks cool, but it actually plays an important role. The foam produced effectively lifts dirt away from your paint surface and traps it. This ensures that the dirt will actually be removed and can be easily rinsed away. Car wash soaps which produce less foam won’t lift dirt from the surface so when you rinse your car some loose dirt may remain. Premium Body Wash’s “Thick Foam Formula” ensures that you get plenty of suds and foam to get the job done right the first time around.

2. There are many ways you can get small scratches in your paint. Washing your car is one of them.  Many car wash soaps lack sufficient lubricity causing friction between the paint surface and your car wash mitt. Our car wash soap was formulated to have a high level of lubricity, eliminating friction and the chance of fine scratches. This means that when you use Premium Body Wash and wash your car correctly you will never harm your paint finish washing your ride.

3. One of the main factors on our mind when we formulated Premium Body Wash was user experience. We’ve tried many different car wash soaps in our time and nearly all of them dried out our hands. (Not only is this uncomfortable, but if it dries out your skin just think of what it’s doing to your paint.) We set out to make a car wash soap that’s not only great at cleaning cars but also pleasant to work with. Because of this we added lanolin oil which in effect acts as a moisturizer as you wash your car.

  1. Cleaned, but no suds / lather Review by Greg

    This wash seemed to clean the car well and felt like it was nice and slick, but it really did not build up any lather or foam. I kept trying to mix it up and even added extra to the bucket.

    If you don't mind the low lather, it seems to be a really good wash soap.

    I would like this much better if it suds up and kept a lather or foam. (Posted on 5/8/13)

  2. nice Review by Jimmy

    This stuff smells really good and washed my Jeep very well. (Posted on 8/31/11)

  3. Thick Suds Review by GeoffReemr

    Surprised at how well this soap lathers. My son loves to wash our cars with this stuff. (Posted on 8/17/11)

  4. Thick Lather Review by ChrisT

    This stuff is the best car wash soap I have ever used. It lathers quickly and thickly, and a little goes a long way. Best of all, it smells amazing! (Posted on 8/3/11)

  5. Impressed Review by Timothy

    I have recently started washing my own car and I have made a couple purchases from these guys, and I've been quite impressed. The way my car looks after using this wash really makes my car stand out. (Posted on 8/1/11)

  6. Very clean ride after use. Review by Mat

    This product doesnt suds up as much as I would have liked, but man it gives a great shine. Dr. Beasleys gave me some as a sample size and I used it before clay cleaning and it really did a great job prepping the surface! I also had ease of mind since it is biodegradable. (Posted on 5/11/11)

  7. Really good car wash soap Review by Eric

    Seriously, it is. I was wary cause i can get other stuff for cheaper, but every other product i've bought from these guys has been stellar so i gave it a shot. obviously it got my ride looking spotless, kind of what i expect out of a car wash soap, but it actually left behind an awesome shine. great stuff, well worth the purchase. Wish the bottle were bigger though. (Posted on 1/25/11)

  8. Thick and Rich Review by Howard

    Great car wash soap and leaves a real good shine. (Posted on 1/25/11)

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Fill a bucket with several gallons of water. Pour in 1 oz. (about 2 capfuls) of Premium Body Wash for each gallon of water added. Agitate with a wash pad until suds form. If using about 3 gallons of water for each car wash a 12 oz. bottle of Premium Body Wash should last you 4 washes.

Start from the top of the car with a clean wash pad and make your way down. Flip and rinse the wash pad frequently to prevent trapped debris from coming into contact with the surface. When complete, rinse surface and dry with a waffle weave microfiber towel.

For maximum results after cleaning, prep the car with Dr. Beasley’s Pre-Wax Prep and apply Dr. Beasley’s Ivory Carnauba Wax.

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

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