Car Paint Sealant

No matter what you're looking for in a car paint sealant, we've got you covered...
Formula 1201 - High tech, hydrophobic liquid coating which bonds instantly to paint surfaces.
PlasmaCoat - 100% VOC Free. The most environmentally and user friendly paint protectant ever invented.
Premium Paint Sealant - Traditional style polysealant.

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  1. Formula 1201

    Formula 1201


    Formula 1201 is a scientifically advanced, polymer based liquid paint sealant. Formulated for modern paint finishes, Formula 1201 provides unrivaled protection, durability, and shine. Buy today and see why Formula 1201 will change the way you protect your car.

    No need to dry your car: begin applying as soon as you rinse the suds off Lasts for months longer than traditional paint sealants. Will withstand hundreds of car washes One ounce is enough to protect your entire car, meaning one bottle will last you years No wax residue left in cracks, crevices, or door jambs

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  2. Foam Block Applicator

    Foam Block Applicator


    Our Foam Block Applicator was designed for applications which require precision and attention to detail. Perfect for the application of Nano-Resin or other nanocoatings, it allows you to accurately apply product to exactly where it's needed. And with the inclusion of two sueded microfiber cloths you have a soft, abrasion free material so you can apply coatings to even the most sensitive of surfaces.


    Comes With:

    1 - Foam Block Applicator

    2 - Sueded Microfiber Cloths

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  3. PlasmaCoat



    PlasmaCoat is the first 100% VOC FREE paint sealant, making it the most environmentally and consumer safe paint protectant ever created. It has been formulated without compromise with regards to performance, providing the absolute best in terms of durability, gloss, and paint clarity. Buy now and discover the safest, most technologically advanced paint protectant on the market.

    • 100% VOC Free – Environmentally and consumer safe
    • Bonds Instantly - No need to let cure
    • Highly durable - PlasmaCoat will last more than a year before you need to reapply
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  4. Premium Paint Sealant

    Premium Paint Sealant


    Traditional carnauba waxes don’t last very long and regular paint sealants leave behind a flat gloss with no depth or warmth. We wanted the best of both worlds. Our unique synthetic polymer structure will protect the paint finish for up to a year while leaving behind an extraordinary shine unmatched by other synthetic sealants. Buy now and treat your car to the best paint protectant you’ve ever tried.

    • Long lasting polymer protection
    • Provides a deep, rich shine for painted surfaces
    • Easy application and removal
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  5. Matte Paint Sealant

    Matte Paint Sealant


    Matte Paint Sealant is the first safe paint protection product on the market for matte paint finishes. It is not a wax and so will not “fill in” your matte paint. It simply leaves a molecule thick layer of protection on the paint surface so that your matte paint is never without protection. Buy today and never worry about leaving your matte car unprotected again.

    Liquid formula will not fill in matte paint like some paste formulas

    Lasts hundreds of washes. No need to apply often

    Leaves behind a uniform, flat sheen

    Perfect for Single Stage, Clear Coated, and Vinyl Wrap matte finishes

    *Foam Applicators not Included with purchase of Matte Paint Sealant

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  6. Yellow Foam Applicators

    Foam Applicator (2-Pack)


    When polishing and protecting areas of your car such as your windshield, windows, or paint, using the proper tool for application of the polish and sealants should never be overlooked. Dr. Beasley's Foam Applicator is designed with protection as a priority to give you the peace of mind needed when protecting your vehicle’s various surfaces.

    • Soft, durable foam pad • Ensures gentle, even application • For non-abrasive application of waxes and polishes

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  7. Microfiber Towel (2-Pack)

    Microfiber Towel (2-Pack)


    Microfiber Towels are all-around towels that can be used for almost anything. Whether you use it to remove wax or to clean some dust from the seats of your car, the job is going to be done safely and correctly with these plush Microfiber Towels.

    • Removes smudges, dust, oils, and grease • Absorbs all particles deep down without scratching • Dimensions: 16" x 24" • Weight: 85.9g • Grammage: 346.73g/m²

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