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We've formulated our carpet & upholstery care products with cutting edge technologies in order to ensure that you receive the absolute tops in protection, care, and durability. And whatever it is that you're looking for in an interior cleaner, we've got it on tap.

Check out our fantastic line of interior cleaning products and let us know what you think!

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  1. Carpet Cleaner for Cars

    Carpet & Upholstery Cleanser


    Carpet and Upholstery Cleanser is a powerful cleaner and odor-eliminator, designed to tackle even the biggest of messes. Created to fight odor causing bacteria and dirt trapped within carpeting and upholstery, this product removes light stains and aromas from your car's interior, leaving a fresh, clean scent after every cleaning. If your car's interior could use a pick-me-up, grab a bottle of Carpet & Upholstery Cleanser and see the difference for yourself!

    • Powerfully formulated odor elimination • Safe to use on carpets, seats, headliners, and more • Assists in rejuvenating and restoring your car's interior

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  2. Microsuede Cleanser

    Microsuede Cleanser


    Perfect for suede-like microfiber based fabrics such as Alcantara, Dinimica, and Ultrasuede. These types of fabric are sensitive to normal cleaning products, so we've developed a gentle cleaner that's perfect for day to day maintenance on these surfces. Buy now to finally have a product to safely take care of your car's fine interior surfaces.

    • Cleans without damaging faux-suede surfaces
    • Perfect for Alcantara, Dinamica, and Ultrasuede
    • Removes dirt, grime, and body oils

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  3. Protect Interior Carpet and Upholstery

    Carpet & Upholstery Protection


    Formulated to protect the individual fibers in your vehicle's fabric surfaces, Carpet & Upholstery Protection will bead liquids right off the surface, preventing stains. This product protects without affecting the look and feel of the fabric surface, making it the perfect addition to any cleaning process.

    • For use on carpets, upholstery, convertible tops, and any other fabric surfaces   • Protects from dirt and other contaminants making surface easier to clean • Beads off liquids and prevents staining  

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  4. Carpet Stone

    Carpet Stone


    The condition of your car’s carpets say a lot about how clean it actually is. When deep cleaning fine materials such as carpets and floor mats, our Carpet Stone is used to make sure the fibers are rid of dirt, dust, or anything else that may be embedded in the floors of your car.

    • Easily removes hair, dirt, burrs, and dander from carpets and upholstery • Safe for use on sensitive fabrics such as upholstered seats • Long lasting and made from recycled materials

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  5. Heavy Duty Interior Brush

    Heavy Duty Interior Brush


    After a while, your car's carpets can become faded, worn, and dirty unless properly kept up. Together with the right cleaning products, the Heavy Duty Interior Brush can help you restore the quality and appearance of your car's soiled carpeted surfaces. This brush's tougher bristles allow for deep cleaning of carpet surfaces, leaving no trace of filth behind.

    • Firm bristles for optimal carpet cleaning
    • Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and ease
    • Not for use on fine carpeted/upholstered surfaces
      (see Horsehair Interior Brush)

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  6. Horse Hair Interior Scrub Brush

    Horsehair Interior Brush


    It is always important to deep clean and scrub the interior components with the proper tools to ensure spotless quality. Our Horsehair Interior Brush puts precision and power in your hands when washing the interior of your car to ensure the deepest clean possible.

    • Gently removes dirt and grime • Sturdy composite handle for extra toughness • Delicate Horsehair bristles; safe for most interior surfaces

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  7. Complete Interior Detailing Prescription

    Complete Interior Detailing Prescription


    Dr. Beasley’s Complete Interior Detailing Prescription will clean your car’s interior from headliner to floor mat. With quality products and a proven process, you’ll be happy you chose Dr. Beasley’s for your at home detailing needs.

    Kit comes with everything needed for vehicles with upholstery/carpeting. Leather care products and accessories are optional additions.

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  8. Showroom Shine

    Showroom Shine


    Once in a while you realize how dirty your vehicle really looks, even right after a wash. When this feeling comes, it might be time to shake out the dust. Dr. Beasley's Showroom Shine acts like a complete rejuvenating, anti-aging prescription for your entire car inside & out, allowing you to enjoy it the way you bought it for a long time to come. You'll rest assured that everything from your tires to your headrests has gone through our Clean, Prep, Protect process and looks better than ever.

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