Leather Conditioner

We've formulated our leather conditioning and protection products with cutting edge technologies in order to ensure that you receive the absolute tops in protection, care, and durability. And whatever it is that you're looking for in a leather conditioner, we've got it on tap.

Check out our fantastic line of leather care products and let us know what you think!

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  1. Leather Lock

    Leather Lock


    Leather Lock is a hydrophobic coating which repels liquids and prevents staining. This polymer based coating is safe and effective on all top coated leathers, making it perfect for your seats, dash, door panels, and virtually all other automotive leather surfaces. When combined with a good leather conditioner you will be able to keep your leather looking pristine for years to come. Buy now and experience the most advanced leather protection available.

    • Safe for all top-coated leather
    • Abrasion proof formula will last over a year
    • Hydrophobic formula repels water, oil, alcohol, and soil
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  2. Leather Cream

    Leather Cream


    Leather Cream is a leather conditioner formulated to restore vital nutrients to your car’s leather surfaces. It safely nourishes leather seats, consoles, and dashboards to keep your leather looking newer for longer. This unique formula is made with lanolin and UV blockers to leave your leather looking supple and luxurious. Order Leather Cream today and never worry again about fading, dry, or cracked leather ever again.

    No Shine Formula leaves behind a non-greasy, matte finish

    Contains UV Blockers to keep leather from fading

    Won’t attract dust, dirt, or other debris so once your leather is clean, it stays that way

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  3. Fine Leather Prescription

    Fine Leather Prescription


    When left untreated, your vehicle’s leather finishes can become dull or faded much faster than you may think. Cracks, flatness, and discoloration are all common aging effects of leather, but with Dr. Beasley’s Fine Leather Prescription, your leather will receive the nutrients and moisture it needs to keep its elasticity and life for a long time to come.

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  4. Microfiber Towel (2-Pack)

    Microfiber Towel (2-Pack)


    Microfiber Towels are all-around towels that can be used for almost anything. Whether you use it to remove wax or to clean some dust from the seats of your car, the job is going to be done safely and correctly with these plush Microfiber Towels.

    • Removes smudges, dust, oils, and grease • Absorbs all particles deep down without scratching • Dimensions: 16" x 24" • Weight: 85.9g • Grammage: 346.73g/m²

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  5. Suede Cloth (2-Pack)

    Suede Cloth (2-Pack)



    Rejuvenating your car’s interior is a delicate process that begins with conditioning the leather or vinyl on your seats, dash, or console. Dr. Beasley's Suede Cloth is used to apply the conditioner to such surfaces safely, evenly, and effectively.

    • For use on all surfaces • Lush, 100% microfiber suede • Perfect for application of conditioners and protectants

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  6. Horse Hair Interior Scrub Brush

    Horsehair Interior Brush


    It is always important to deep clean and scrub the interior components with the proper tools to ensure spotless quality. Our Horsehair Interior Brush puts precision and power in your hands when washing the interior of your car to ensure the deepest clean possible.

    • Gently removes dirt and grime • Sturdy composite handle for extra toughness • Delicate Horsehair bristles; safe for most interior surfaces

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  7. Terry Applicator (2-Pack)

    Terry Applicator (2-Pack)


    A good applicator can go a long way when detailing your car. Dr. Beasley's versatile Terry Applicator can be safely and effectively used on both the interior and exterior of your cars during a detail.

    • For smooth application of wax and polish evenly • Non-abrasive and durable terry fabric • Can be used on leather, vinyl, paintwork, and wood trim

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