Matte Paint Cleanser

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You can’t put detailing clay on a matte car, but the surface still needs to be prepped before applying a sealant. That’s where Matte Paint Cleanser comes in. Rid your paint surface of microscopic particles that hinder proper sealing, as well as stubborn debris left behind after washing.

Easily removes grease and heavy soil

Prepares you car's surface for application of Matte Paint Sealant

Leaves no residue behind for a streak free, uniform look

Matte Paint Cleanser

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  • Matte Finish Stain Remover

What Makes This Product Unique?

1. You may know about the benefits detailing clay can have when polishing and waxing a car, but you might not know that you cannot clay a car with a matte paint finish. Clay gets caught on the tiny ridges and crevices in matte paint and literally comes apart right on the paint surface. So how do you prep your beautiful matte paint for protection? The answer is Matte Paint Cleanser. Its unique formula removes anything which could potentially shorten the life of your Matte Paint Sealant.

2. Another thing that matte Paint Cleanser excels at is spot cleaning, especially on heavily soiled areas such as wheel wells, and lower body panels. These areas tend to see more muck and dirt than other parts of the car and so sometimes need something a little stronger for proper cleaning. So if you’ve recently washed your car and notice some problem areas afterwards, feel at ease knowing that you’ve got Matte Paint Cleanser on hand.

Matte Paint Cleanser can remove paint sealant, so if you use it on an area which has already been protected it’s a good idea to reapply Matte Paint Sealant. If you’re looking for something that does some light cleaning without removing sealant try out Matte Final Finish.

3. And finally, as with all of our matte products, Matte Paint Cleanser is 100% safe to use on all matte paint surfaces, so you can clean your car without worry.


    removes anything on the finish with confidence and ease.
    Don't forget to reapply sealant after use (Posted on 6/23/14)

  2. Cean Review by Moparts

    Nothing holds on with this Paint Cleaner around (Posted on 1/28/14)

  3. UNBELIEVABLE!! Review by Kris C

    Had this product highly recommended by a friend that owns a detailing business and also uses it on his personal car. My Raptor has a matte green wrap on it and I've used this numerous times! I have used the cleanser for jobs as small as a stubborn bug or bird bombing but have also used this to prep the entire truck for a reprotect! I knew this stuff was good but had no idea just how awesome it was until they repaved the main highway where I live which caused me to stay up extremely late one night saving my precious wrap! I used an entire 12oz but there isn't even the smallest hint left to show it ever happened!! Fantastic product! Unbelievable results! Two thumbs up! (Posted on 9/3/13)

  4. Still didn't remove water spots Review by Matte Betty

    Product did help removing the water spots and tried using it several times to remove them but still show. Over priced for what the results you get.... (Posted on 7/4/13)

  5. Amazing! Review by Chase T

    My car was transported via trailer for some engine work. In the transport process some incredibly bad stained water from the car above me dropped on my roof. I was sure there was no way to remove the stains. I WAS WRONG!!! Matte Paint Cleanser removed the stains. Simply used as directed. Took a few applications. But it worked --- VERY well. I'm incredibly happy with this stuff! It's in my detailing arsenal now. Thanks a ton Dr. B!!! (Posted on 12/19/12)

  6. good for tar Review by JR RACE

    Great at removing gunk and tar from the lower regions of my matte 911. Great before washing too, gets all that big stuff off before scrubbing. This is a must for matte owners my opinion. (Posted on 12/12/11)

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1. Identify heavily soiled area of vehicle. This may include heavy dirt, waterspots, overspray, or hard to remove insect remains.

2. Spray area directly with Matte Paint Cleanser. Allow to sit on the surface for 1-2 minutes before gently wiping with a microfiber towel. Do not allow to dry.

3. Several applications/more dwell time may be necessary for tougher to clean areas. Do not scrub or use unnecessary pressure on the paint surface. Let the product work on the surface to break down contaminants on its own.

4. After wiping clean, rinse and reapply Matte Paint Sealant to that specific area. Matte Paint Cleanser can remove existing layer of sealant, so reapplication is recommended.

Tip: Matte Paint Cleanser is also a great “prep step” for before applying Matte Paint Sealant.

Before applying, test a small amount in an inconspicuous place to check compatibility with surface.

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