Solar Sealant

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Solar Sealant was specifically formulated to protect solar panel surfaces from staining, pitting, scratching, and etching in order to maximize the photovaltaic activity of solar cells. In addition to protecting solar panels from damage, it keeps them clear of debris and precipitation. Water, oil, dirt, and other cantaminants will come off much easier when the panel is coated with Solar Sealant. 

  • Protects Solar Panels from scratching, pitting, or etching

  • Makes contaminants easier to remove

  • Perfect for automobile, home, or industrial use

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From: $14.99



We started to see more and more cars coming through our shop with solar panels on the roof. Cars like Fisker Karmas (RIP), Nissan Leafs, and Toyota Priuses. When taking care of these cars we got to wondering what the best way was to to protect the solar panels, and whether this was even an issue. As it turns out, it is. In order to maintain a high level of photovoltaic activity the glass has to remain clean and free of debris. Anything that inhibits the sun from being fully absorbed into the solar cells will, naturally, decrease the efficiency of the panel.That's where Solar Sealant comes in. This product will make debris and liquids sheet right off the panel, maximizing photovoltaic activity and allowing the solar cells to do their job efficiently.

But dirt and water spots aren't the only thing that can reduce the efficiency of solar panels - etching, pitting, and scratching in solar panels will diffuse light, scattering it so that it doesn't all reach the panel. If a solar panel has scratches in it you can guarantee that it won't be doing its job properly. This is why Solar Sealant is also scratch resistant. When applied, the glass panel will be much less susceptible to scratches and etching.

It's also incredibly durable, lasting up to a year in most cases, so you don't have to worry about reapplying all the time. this can be a huge factor since Solar Sealant also works in home and industrial settings

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