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As any driver knows, it’s pretty easy for your windshield to get smudged, oily, or dirty. Letting your windshield and windows get dirty not only becomes unsightly, but also can be hazardous to your driving. Dr. Beasley’s Windshield Polish Prescription takes the worry away and provides your windshield with an unsurpassed level of clean and protection that is specifically formulated for glass surfaces. To keep your windshield clean and clear, Dr. Beasley’s is here to help.




Dr. Beasley’s Windshield Polish Prescription is not only perfect for finalizing your car wash, but also can be used to touch up your windshield in between washes or for any circumstance in which it may get dirty. All tools included can be used for quick-fixes, spot cleaning, as well as deep cleans. For best results, complete full polish prescription every 1-2 months.


Dr. Beasley's Windshield Polish Prescription Includes:

• 1 Glass Cleanser - 12 oz

• 1 Glass Waxx - 4 oz

• 2 Glass Cloths


*Cloth color may vary from images.

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