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Who are you?
First and foremost we develop the highest quality car care products on the market. We come from over 30 years of professional detailing experience and are a sister company to Chicago’s #1 hand car wash and detailing center, Simon’s Shine ShopGet to know Dr. Beasley’s.

What makes Dr. Beasley’s different?
Our products are different in many ways. From our formulation process which consists of choosing the optimal ingredients, to our research and development process that doesn’t allow a product out until it delivers absolutely stunning results, we make a conscious effort to improve. Not just improve ourselves, but improve the car care industry in general by producing superior products that really work. Read more about the advantage of choosing Dr. Beasley’s car care products.

Why Dr. Beasley’s? I thought you guys made car products..
We are Dr. Beasley’s because we provide innovative prescriptions for your car. Our scientifically based process was designed to optimize the health of your car which highlights protection rather than aggressive cleaning. Think of us as your car’s cosmetic doctor, and with our help your car will stay looking great as long as you own it!

Where are you located?
We are headquartered in the heart of Chicago, but we ship just about everywhere. We cater to various countries across the entire globe, making Dr. Beasley’s a truly international company, and since our presence is online we like to think we are wherever our customers need us. Learn more about our history.

How do I get in touch with you?
Feel free to give us a call at 773.404.1600 or drop us an email at We’re happy to assist you in any way that we possibly can. Contact us.

I’m not sure which specific product to use, can you help me choose?
Yes! We love to help. Our dedicated customer service team, MyTeam, is available to help with any and all detailing, product, or general questions you may have. Visit our MyTeam page for resources, tips, tools, and contact information!

Are your products environmentally friendly?
Yes. We make a conscious effort to produce eco-friendly detailing products that are readily biodegradable, naturally formulated, renewable, and efficiently manufactured. We've introduced the first 100% VOC Free glass polish (Glass Waxx) to the market, and are continuing to look for new ways to make the car care industry more environmentally responsible.

Do you make all your own products?
Yes. Our car care products are formulated, handcrafted, and manufactured by our in-house product development team to ensure you’re getting the best product possible.

Are your products safe to use on my car?
Yes. We have made it a priority to provide our customers with the safest car care products on the market. We don’t use harsh chemicals, bleach, strong cleaners, or dangerously high acid levels. You can rest assured that we care about your car just as much as you do!
Are your products only good for cars? Can I use them in my home too?
Many of our products have multiple uses, especially our interior products. They can be safely and effectively used in your home to clean windows, remove odors, and even condition your leather sofa!

How soon is my order processed?
Our orders are processed as soon as they are received. Typically this process is completed within hours of your purchase, however it may take up to 1 full business day.

Do I have to place my order online?
Not at all. We accept phone orders if you’re more comfortable with talking with a representative when purchasing. Just give us a call at 773.404.1600 or email to set up a specific time to shop and we’ll help you through the process without the use of the Internet.

Do you ship to my area?
Chances are, yes. We deliver wherever UPS will ship, which you can check here.
How soon can I expect my package to be delivered?
 Depending on your shipping choice, your package should arrive between 5-7 business days. If you’ve expedited your shipment, it will arrive between 2-3 business days. Click here to view our full shipping policy.

How much is shipping?
We offer a Flat Shipping Rate of $7.95 on all orders shipped within the contiguous United States. If your order exceeds $150 we'll ship it to you for FREE. Expedited or Express shipping will incur an extra fee.

How do I get my free sample?
Simply place an order with us and we’ll toss in a free sample product that we know you’ll love! You don’t have to fill out any forms or sign up for anything, your sample will automatically show up in your order.

What is your guarantee?
We guarantee that our products will provide superior results when used correctly. We are confident that you’ll never have a problem with any of our products, and if you do, you can return it for a full refund.

How do I make a return?
If you are unhappy with the product you ordered or needed a different product, give us a call. We'll see if we can help you through the problem. If not just send it back to us and we’ll be in touch to take care of the rest.

Does your store accept international currencies?
Yes, so long as it can be processed via credit card or paypal.

Do you have gift cards?
Yes! We offer gift cards for any occasion directly to our online store. No packing, no mailing, no wasted paper; our gift cards are delivered online to the person of your choice. Gift Dr. Beasley’s.

Can I use your products on my boat or motorcycle?
Yes. Our products are optimized to be used on any type of vehicle whether that be a dirt bike, a yacht, or even a vintage Model T Ford.

I hate detailing my car. Will you do it?
Unfortunately no, but we will help you through it. Our products are trusted by detail shops across the country, so in the event that you’d prefer to have someone else use our products on your vehicle, you can visit the International Detailing Association website and find a reputable detailer to use your newly purchased products.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards including Master Card, American Express, Visa, and Discover. We also accept payment through PayPal directly through our website!

Do you have a minimum order?
We do not have a minimum order amount. We can ship you as little or as much product as you'd like!

Will you share/sell my email address/personal info?
We respect our customers’ privacy, and in no way share your email address or personal information with any third-party.

Will you spam me?
No. You will receive general order information emails as we process your order. If you’ve created an account with us we will use your email to send you coupons or our newsletter. This is not excessive and usually does not exceed 2 per month. You can opt out at any time.

Do I have to create an account with you?
No, but if you’re interested please click “Login” at the top of any page on our website and follow the instructions to create a new account. By doing so you will be eligible for coupons, new product announcements, and more.

Can I buy your products anywhere else?
We have several well known online retailers. Check out our distributors page if you'd like more information. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, please contact

Do you have any affiliations or endorsements?
Yes. We are a proud member of the International Detailing Association (IDA). Jim, Dr. Beasley's Founder, is an IDA Certified Detailers and currently the president of The IDA. We're working on getting our entire staff certified, too!