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After detailing vehicles for over 30 years, Jim Lafeber, Dr. Beasley's founder, began living his dream and passion in 2004 when he opened Simon's Shine Shop and started detailing professionally. Jim’s goal has always been to have Simon’s Shine Shop become the premier option for quality detailing services. Simon's delivers spotless quality, spotless service, and a spotless space to all of their customers at their Chicago location. 


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Jim made it a priority to make Simon's stand out from the competition in one area - quality. After noticing the lack of attention to minute details from many of the surrounding detailing businesses, Jim forged some of Simon's philosophies:  


1     Freshly cleaned mitts and towels for every vehicle, no exceptions.



2     Use only the highest-quality products.



3     The job isn't done until the customer is happy.



Detail after countless detail, Jim and the crew at Simon's would meet to discuss products, technique, and processes to make sure this philosophy was exhibited in their work. Even when using the "finest" of products, Jim noticed room for improvement. At first it took some trial and error, but as experience and volume increased, so did the quality of his behind-the-scenes products he was developing for Simon's clients. Jim met with chemists, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss product improvement and continued developing newer and superior formulas for his products. With the donation and acquisition of a few test-cars from Jim and his family, Jim and his crew began to test and finalize the new products and put them into use at Simon's Shine Shop.

Today, as thousands of unique customers will attest, outstanding results are seen with these new products. Stressing the importance of high-quality ingredients, these new custom formulations give customers' vehicles longer lasting shines, immaculate interiors, and all-in-all a car that looks and feels like new again from the floor-mats to the paintwork. This idea of progressive improvement has led to the development of a new automotive care product line...Dr. Beasley's. Backed scientifically, as well as by thousands of cars worth of hand detailing experience at Simon's Shine Shop, Dr. Beasley's now provides professional-level detailing products for the enthusiast and consumer who wants to keep his or her car looking like new for years to come.


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