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At Dr. Beasley's, we manufacture the finest car care products for you and your car. We're committed to creating customized detailing solutions to help you reach detailing success and extend the life of your investment. Some people think detailing their car should be left up to the professionals, but we're here to tell you that with Dr. Beasley's you'll have everything you need to get the job done right in your garage. With over 30 years of detailing experience, our team has developed formulas for the future of car care that highlight green technology, surface conservation, and optimal cleaning results. Our products are designed with process in mind, working together to give you the highest quality at-home detailing solutions on the market. With purchase of our car care & detailing products, car care accessories, or detail kits, we become your personalized detailing team and work with you to help you through any detailing process step by step. We're so confident that our products are the best on the market that we guarantee excellence and back our products fully. Our satisfied customers, local detailing shops, and our detailing team stand by our products and serve as proof that we deliver top-grade products with no compromise.




Preserving or correcting your car's paintwork can be as simple as washing your car. Dr. Beasley's car polishes are scientifically designed to remove surface scratches, smooth imperfections, and make correcting your car's paint accessible and simple. Our car polishing products are handcrafted with your paint in mind, especially if you have delicate paint coatings such as OEM. Safe to use on all painted surfaces, Dr. Beasley's car polishes work to revive, restore, and refresh the look of your car's paint.


Waxes & Sealants

When it comes to car care, protection is more important than cleaning. Dr. Beasley's waxes and sealants are the premier option for protecting your car's paint finish. From our top-grade Ivory Carnauba Wax to our easily applied Premium Paint Sealant, Dr. Beasley's car waxes & paint sealants help to maintain a clear surface and act as a barrier from the elements! Waxing your car regularly will keep your car looking nicer, make cleaning easier, and help to preserve your investment!


Leather Care

Taking care of your car's leather is key to preventing ware and tear from occurring on your car's leather seats, dash, and console. Dr. Beasley's leather care products nourish the surface, feeding your car's leather the best possible nutrients available. Proper leather care prevents cracking, fading, and discoloration from devaluing your car and enhances your overall driving experience.


Wheels & Tires

Your car's wheels and tires keep you rolling while you're on the road, so it's good to give them a little treat. Taking care of your car's wheels and tires with Dr. Beasley's wheel & tire products keeps your rims looking good and helps to keep your tires from cracking or fading. Cracked tires can lead to bubbles and potentially flat tires, making it a necessity to remember that they need attention too.