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Introducing Dr. Beasley's Automotive Detailing System

A complete automotive detailing system comprised of 3 stages: Clean, Prep, and Protect. This unique and award winning car care system is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of you car's surfaces for the ultimate in detailing performance. From automobile collectors to do-it-yourselfers, Dr. Beasley's Automotive Detailing System helps you achieve optimal car cleaning results without compromise.


    Your car has many surfaces and each requires its own unique cleaning product.  To ensure absolute cleanliness, it’s critical to use the appropriate car care product for a particular surface.  Dr. Beasley’s line of Clean car care products is specially formulated for an optimal clean with specific “prescriptions” for each of your car’s surfaces including glass, paint, plastic, rubber, chrome, metal, carpet, leather, and cloth.
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    Surface preparation is a critical factor in the development of any successful protection-based detail system; it establishes the foundation for the protection layer.  Dr. Beasley’s line of Prep detail products are formulated to rid surfaces of all contaminants to prepare the surfaces for optimal protection by adding essential emollients back into the car's surface.  After this crucial step, the car's surface is ready for a more durable protection, keeping your vehicle looking newer longer.
  • Protect

    car care, how to wax, auto polish, remove scratches, car washing, car care products Keeping toxic dirt from penetrating the vehicle’s surface is the key to preserving a great looking car.  When a car’s surfaces are properly protected, it means less cleaning and scrubbing the next time around.  Aggressive cleaning can cause unnecessary wear and tear.  Dr. Beasley’s line of Protection car care products are expertly formulated to maximize the results of restoring resiliency, while minimizing the need to clean as often.

Here at Dr. Beasley's, we've had over 30 years of professional hands-on experience confirming that our automotive detailing system works.  Aside from personal experience, we sought out analysis from an independent body as well.  Surface Chemistry Discoveries (SCD), an industry leader based in Pennsylvania with years of scientific research, released the following statement:

"In surface chemistry, the following principle is well recognized:  Excellent surface preparation pre-treatment can allow a poor coating to perform well, while an excellent coating will generally not display good performances if the surface was not properly prepared prior to coating."

So how does this statement relate to Dr. Beasley’s line of high quality car care products and Jim’s 3-step automotive detailing process? 

Once you clean the car’s surfaces, they must be prepped (or prepared) in order for the protective step (or coating) to work well.  So that very expensive car wax you just applied to your car's paint isn’t going to last unless the vehicle's surface is prepped correctly.  Bottom line: Maximum results will not be achieved without the all important PREP phase of any detailing job.   

Our Experience



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