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Have you ever wondered how to achieve the ultimate shine and make it last? Have you ever had a question about how to clean up a delicate mess made in your car? Maybe you have kids? Maybe they ate (and spilled) all the candy and juice you had in the house on the way to school? You’ve contemplated going to a detail shop, but you’re worried the job won’t get done right? Yeah, me too. From here on out, everyone from automotive enthusiasts to soccer moms have a place to stop for conversation, education, and questions relating to cleaning up life’s little messes and detailing your car by hand. After all, who’s going to do a better job on your car than you?

In the automotive world today, there’s a fine line between a quality detail and an easy detail. The truth is if you’re detailing your car by hand it will be hard work. No matter which aisle you search, you’re going to be sold products that advertise an “easy shine” or a “quick clean” and if you’ve detailed cars before, you know that it’s simply not that easy. If you want your car coming out the way you see it in your head, it’s going to take some elbow grease and know-how.

That’s where we come in.

Aside from delivering the highest quality detailing products on the market, Dr. Beasley’s is devoted to educating the car care world with decades of experience, engagement, and expertise. No other detail product manufacturer has more hands-on experience than Dr. Beasley’s. Our primary goal and investment is to educate and inform you with tips, methods, and proper technique to keep your car looking and feeling like the day you bought it!