Snow Shots With a Porsche: Finding the Perfect Shot

Black Porsche in Snow

Black & White

by John Barone

Walking to work on this particular Sunday afternoon in early December, I find myself fighting my way through a Chicago blizzard that could go toe-to-toe with the best of them; relentless snow blowing laterally across the landscape due to the 25mph+ winds, and of course, bone-chilling, hand-numbing cold.

I arrive at work, and enter the sleeping building to find a freshly detailed, 1966 Porsche 912 sitting in the corner of the garage. I remembered seeing the car two days before; swirl marks and smudges spanned the entire exterior of the vehicle. After undergoing a complete automotive detail with Dr. Beasley’s car care products, the Porsche looks totally different. Completely void of swirl marks and smudges. The jet black colored paint, coupled with the chrome accents make the car look frighteningly elegant, like something Darth Vader would have sitting in his garage, only taken out to carve the countryside on a weekend getaway.

I was handed a video camera and told that three of my coworkers and I are going to take advantage of the rare opportunity nature has provided us with, and photograph and film the freshly waxed black Porsche juxtaposed against the completely white, snowy background outside.

Our first task was to decide on a location, we needed a place with zero traffic, interesting background, and lots of white. There is a sparsely populated industrial park a short drive away from our shop that presented itself as the best option. We all climbed into Jim’s truck, and proceeded to crawl through the snow-covered passages surrounding the factories in search of the perfect spot, to get the perfect shot.

There were entire lots covered with old machine parts, mounds upon mounds of stacked tires, and raw blocks or iron sitting on the ground steaming. We thought we may have to look elsewhere, that is until we came across a long stretch of road, lined on each side with white, snow-clad semi-trucks, and a perfect lane stretching right down the middle. At once we knew this was the place to photograph the vintage Porsche.

Snow Shots With a Porsche: Finding the Perfect Shot




The Shot

Dr. Beasley’s & ’66 Porsche 912