Top 5: Things To Do & Not To Do In Winter

Silver Porsche in Snow

As Winter is among us, car care becomes a whole new game. Personally, it appears that most people decide to ‘go rogue’ once the temperature drops and will use anything accessible to rid their cars of snow, ice, and the rest of Winter’s gifts. I kid you not, I’ve literally seen shovels taken to car doors to remove ice. My personal favorite was the neighbor down the street who thought his spatula and table salt would ease the pain of scraping his car windows clean. Needless to say, he thought his car had gotten vandalized come spring. Truth is, when Winter comes it gets even more important to practice proper car care. To help you handle the season, here’s my Top 5 lists of what to and what not to do come winter.

Top 5 Things NOT To Do:

5. Restrain from checking your tire pressure if it’s below freezing. Air freezes in the valve stem causing leaks. Wait for warm temperatures or use a garage/shop if available.

4. Although it may seem right, never pour hot water on your car (locks, doors, etc.) to melt ice. Water is water, it will freeze and you’ll only create more problems.

3. Decline the urge to use household tools to clean snow or ice off of your car. That goes for shovels, brooms, and yes – even spatulas.

2. Please don’t purposely put any type of salt on your car. Salt leaves behind residue and can etch the surfaces of your car.

1. Unless you want some homemade pinstripes, avoid ever taking an ice-scraper to the painted surfaces of your car at all costs.

Top 5 Things To Do:

5. Get a check-up at a reputable maintenance shop. Checking your car’s battery, tires, belts, and oil can help your car run smoother throughout the colder months.

4. Check your tire pressure often. A change in weather changes how much air is in your tires, causing losses in tire traction and overall safety.

3. Polish your windows. A glass polish not only provides a layer of protection for your glass, it also repels moisture while driving to keep your sights clean & clear.

2. Consider purchasing rubber floor-mats, even if they’re cheap. Salt and gunk from the bottom of your shoes can do a number on your car’s carpets, especially in winter.

1. Wax your car before the first snow. A quality car wax (Paint Sealant, too) protects your car from environmental contaminants such as road salt, sealing in your finish.