Showdown: Bugatti Veyron vs. ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls

Bugatti Veyron

Drawing comparisons between the Bugatti Veyron and the ’95-’96 Bulls may seem a little odd, but let’s look at some facts. The Bugatti sports a top speed of over 260 mph, unheard of for the most part. On the way to the ’95-’96 Championship, the Bulls routed the entire NBA for a record 72 wins out of 82 games. So which would you rather ride with, a Bugatti Veyron or the ’95-’96 Bulls?

I’m from Chicago, and growing up here I’ve been a Bulls fan since I can remember. I may be a little biased towards the Bulls, but I do love the Veyron. About 17 months ago I headed out to San Jose, CA to move some furniture for my family and that’s when the Bugatti and I first met. It’s glossy finish and the carbon fiber only heightened the fact that it had over 1100 hp and did 0-60 in under 2.5 seconds. Unfortunately, my encounter consisted of drooling over the car at a showroom and  not around a track.

On to the Bulls. Setting an NBA record for 72 wins in a season almost seems like enough (even though they tied the ’72 Lakers the next seasons for 2nd on that list with 69 wins). As if you didn’t know this, the ’95-’96 season marked the first championship win of the Bulls second three-peat and the franchise’s fourth title in six years. Oh, and Jordan took a year off of basketball to try out baseball the previous year. When you talk about a dynasty, the ’95-’96 season caped and crowned the Bulls as the NBA dynasty. Jordan (30.4 ppg), Pippen (19.4 ppg), &  Rodman (14.9 rpg) made up the greatest team in NBA history.

So by now you’re warmed up and you may be asking what the hell do these two have in common. Easy – neither of these dominant figures could’ve become what they did without various components working together. Take the Bugatti for example: its engine, the carefully precise aerodynamic design, the on-board computer that allows maneuverability at speeds up to and over 200 mph. As for the Bulls: the NBA’s single greatest player to ever live in Jordan, the strongest glue a team could ask for in Pippen, the ’96 rebound leader in Rodman, and the world’s greatest coach (11 titles as a head coach) in Phil Jackson. It’s safe  to say that both the Bugatti and the ’95-’96 Bulls are/were both made of some special pieces that made them great, but what sets the two apart is the legacy.

The Bugatti is currently the fastest production car on the market, but that’s a title that will be sought after dearly in upcoming years. Technology is getting better and it’s a record that will be broken numerous times. The Bulls, however, have a record that will hold true unless the NBA decides to lengthen its season. The only team since ’96 to come close (other than themselves the year after) was the championship Lakers in 2000 when Kobe and Shaq hit 67 wins. Although I’m enamored by the beauty of the Bugatti Veyron, my inevitable choice stands by the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls.