Beating the Blizzard

Grey Land Cruiser in Snow

Soo…it snowed a little here in Chicago this week. Between 65+ mph wind gusts, 6 ft snow drifts, and a lack of snow plows, traveling around the city has been a little tough these past few days.

Dirty Land Cruiser Dr. Beasley's

(The hundreds of drivers who were stranded on Lake Shore Drive can probably attest)  Luckily, here at Dr. Beasley’s we have a couple of old Toyota Land Cruisers to help us stomp around the city. These cars have been perfect for rolling down unplowed streets. In fact, it’s been a blast; just turn on the 4WD and you’re off.  But like with any car that is exposed to this kind of weather, ours are filthy.

After any snowstorm, but especially one of this severity, it’s hugely important to get your car free of debris including snow, salt, and mud. Bring it to any hand car wash and at least get an exterior wash. Many of you will find, just as we did, that the salt and snow has crept its way inside your car and has infected the floor mats or carpets as well; in this case it’s usually nice to get some work done on the interior too. Whatever you do, make sure to get an undercarriage wash! If possible, get your car waxed to give it a protective coating against the elements.

Dr. Beasley's Land Cruiser

So how did you fare against the weather? Did your car get as dirty as ours did? Let us know in the comments if you were dealing with the same thing, and what you did to get your car clean!


    Another cool story.. thanks & great post! Took me and my two boys almost 2 hours to dig my wife’s car out of the snow.. needless to say, we were exhausted.