A Day in the Life of a Professional Detailer: May 31, 2011

Silver Aston Martin Close Up

For most of us, the day after Memorial Day means a food-coma and a long day at work. For a professional detailer it means new surprises, new projects, and dirty cars. This Tuesday, May 31, wasn’t much different. What started off as a beautiful day in Chicagoland swiftly turned into a car wash frenzy. 8AM and the garage of Simon’s Shine Shop was packed to capacity with car washes, 4 details, and a car for dent repair. A few AMGs, a handful of M3s and a DB9 later, the morning commute began to wind down and the details became the focus.

A white Toyota that had been parked overnight under the “L” experienced what a lot of Chicagoans do; brown sediment that drops from the tracks. This harsh substance can eat through clear coats if left untreated and it proves to be a real eye sore, too. We started by cleaning the surface, dissolving the sediment, claying to remove any left behind, and then buffing some areas that were more effected than others. The end result is a clear finish that’s free of impurities and unsightly residue once and for all.Stained Car Paint

Mid-afternoon brought a black Acura SUV into the shop due to a foul smell coming from the passenger’s seat. The owner informed us that his friend had vomited on the seat the previous day, and that no matter what cleaning product he used, the smell wouldn’t leave. Knowing the source of the odor, we deep cleaned the area to stop the smell in it’s tracks, however, because the car had sat for a while before stopping in – the smell still hung around the car. Fortunately, we make use of an Ozone machine that neutralizes organic materials in places that cannot be reached by human hands. For example, we use Ozone to remove smoke smells that can be trapped within vents after years of smoking. After about 2 hours of treatment, the Acura smelled fresh and free of the nauseating smell that once dominated the vehicle.

A white Audi Q7 stopped in for a few hours to receive a New Car Preparation detail, in which we add layers of protection to the car’s various surfaces. This type of detail is a smart choice for any new car purchase, as simply preparing your car for the future can lead to a longer lifespan and a more enjoyable driving experience. To give you an idea of what would get protected, we condition and protect the seats, dash/console, interior and exterior plastic; we wax the door jambs, all exterior paintwork,  the glass with a glass sealant, and the wheels with a wheel protectant. Once this is done, your car is ready to withstand all of life’s various encounters. Needless to say, the Audi rolled out looking better than it did off of the lot, and the customer can have the peace-of-mind to know the car is protected.Audi-Polished

As car lovers, it’s always hard to see a car get neglected. Luckily, that’s why we’re here. Detailing professionals and detailing enthusiasts pride themselves on resurrecting a car’s beauty, regardless of what it’s been through. We see a lot, and every day is different – so tune in weekly for our newest segment on Behind the Detail: “A Day in the Life of a Professional Detailer.”

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