Matte Car Care Is Here

Matte White Maserati

We at Dr. Beasley’s are pleased to announce the launch of our matte car care product line. We’ve spent countless hours testing new formulas on matte paint and have come up with a matte car wash soap, matte paint sealant, matte paint cleanser, and matte detail spray. These products have been a breakthrough and mark the first premium matte care product line on the market today.

In the past, there has been no true answer to the question, “how do I care for my matte paint finish?” You can’t wax, you can’t use fillers, and don’t even think about polishing. The whole idea of matte paint is to distract the way light reflects off of the surface, unlike a clear coat which directly reflects light. If waxed with a typical carnauba, the fine “dimples” of a matte paint job get filled in, thus eliminating the effect of the matte finish.

All of this is in the past thanks to this new product line, and matte paint owners, lovers, and enthusiasts everywhere now have an option for cleaning, protecting, and preserving their unique paint finishes. The process is as easy if not easier than a normal car (read more) and our formulas have been handcrafted to yield no shine so that all you’re seeing is a clear and uniform matte paint finish. Check out our exclusive matte car care products today.

  • John Medina

    What do you recommend for a dealer shop to use while servicing a Matte Finish Vehicle?

    Products? Fender covers or alternatives?

    • John,

      Depends really on what products you normally find that you need for a glossy car. There’s nothing different in caring for a matte finish than a glossy finish except you can’t polish it. So as a dealer, if you’re looking to protect the cars, wash them, or just need a product to make sure they don’t look horrible on the showroom floor or after a service I would check out the Matte Paint Prescription – it will have everything you need to wash, seal, and keep the finish looking great right inside. If you’re just looking for a detail spray type product to keep the cars neat, check out Matte Final Finish – great for removing fingerprints, dust spots, bird droppings, and more.

      I hope this helps and feel free to let me know if you need additional help.

      – James