Cyclo Model 5 Polisher Review

Cyclo Model 5 Polisher

The Most Effective Orbital in Detailing

Cyclo Kit

For over 50 years, the Cyclo name has been trusted to product quality, durable, and effective polishing machines. The company began with the motivation to produce polishing machines for airplanes in the military. What makes this polisher different is its rotating heads. Unlike a normal rotary machine that spins, the Cyclo Polisher’s heads rotate in an overlapping circular motion. This motion replicates that of hand polishing, only much quicker. With this revolutionary design, the Cyclo Polisher effectively combats the typical risks of build-up, overheating, swirl marks, and even vibration associated with rotary buffing machines.

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At Dr. Beasley’s, we’ve put the Cyclo Polisher to its test. Countless details and trials have shown that it is quite simply one of the best polishers on the market today. We’ve noticed that it’s more gentle than a rotary machine, which tends to use a lot more heat. After using the Cyclo on many cars with many different paint issues, we have concluded that the Cyclo is powerful enough to heat-up polishes and effectively remove swirl marks, spider webbing, most clear coat scratches, and more. When we experimented with 2500 grit wet sanding, the Cyclo removed about 90% of the scratches, which was great but not as thorough as we’d hoped (this may have been better with wool pads). The bottom line is that for at-home detailers, this tool can undoubtedly rival the results of professionals.

Cyclo Polisher

Our company is all about preserving vehicle surfaces, and we took this into account when testing the Cyclo. Because the Cyclo uses a lower speed, and a more advanced rotation style, it’s an obvious choice if you’re looking to extend the life of your vehicle’s paint. It is much more user-friendly than a rotary buffing machine, which can present hazards for those who aren’t professionally trained to use it. When picked up, you instantly notice how light it is compared to rotary machines, and it’s so easy to guide you can even use it with one hand. Aside from working great, we were impressed with how easy the Cyclo was to learn and use.

Another plus of the Cyclo is the advanced Vibration Elimination System (VES). It stabilizes the body of the Cyclo, making polishing easy and extremely controllable. The low vibration also helps to limit splatter, which we saw as a nice advantage to have if you’re buffing at home.


  • Limited vibration
  • Less aggressive rotation technique
  • Easy to use


  • No 100% solution for wet sanding
  • High cost: $299.99
  • Noisy


As a company, we believe that professional results can be reached right in your garage. After reviewing and using the Cyclo Polisher, we’re proud to say that enthusiasts everywhere can now achieve showroom quality while preserving their car’s paint at the same time. To learn more, take a look at Cyclo’s history.