Remove Bugs From Your Car

Bugs on Car Before and After

Kiss Bug Splats Goodbye

If you have driven a car, chances are you know what happens to the front of a car after driving a long distance. For some reason, no matter where we drive, bugs seem to magnetize to the front of our cars as if they were covered in fly paper. People everywhere understand that bug guts make your car look like a science experiment, but what most don’t know is that those bugs can damage your car’s clear coat, too. Read on learn the easiest way to remove bugs from your car, and how to keep them off for good!

The first step in removing bug remains from your car’s hood, fascia, grille, or bumper is to wet the car and spray an insect remover. An insect remover breaks down the bugs so that they are easily removed without needing aggressive pressure. With the insect remover sprayed on the area, grab a paint-safe bug sponge and agitate the surface. This is slightly abrasive, so the more you do it, the worse off your paint will be. Also, if your hood has become more populated than usual with insect remains, scraping and scrubbing can be tough. Either way, it’s a simple process unless your hood’s in danger.

There’s one thing wrong…

If all you do is clean, you’re doing nothing to prevent the bugs from sticking to the surface on future drives. We developed Bug Barrier, a scientific breakthrough that protects the car’s face from accumulating tough-to-remove bug residue. With a car protected with Bug Barrier, all you have to do is rinse off the areas affected by the bugs, wipe with a microfiber towel, and apply again. It’s that easy, and you never have to worry about scraping your paint with a credit card ever again! Bug Barrier successfully prevents the need to be abrasive with your paint, and it works hard to keep those pesky bugs off of your car.