Modern Paint Care Workshop: Recap

Modern Paint Care Workshop

Everything from Clay Bar to Polishing for a Better Finish

To us, paint care begins and ends with a solid process; Clean, Prep, Protect. It’s our credo and it’s a little known technique to a better finish. Basically, we teach and preach a complete process because no job is done after “cleaning.” Prepping the surface for proper protection and following with said protection leads to longer lasting surfaces such as paint, leather, plastic, vinyl, and more. Other brands rely on a quick one-step process or a “magic” product that instantly removes swirls, but these are generally worse for your car than they are good for it. Because of this, we’ve been hosting a monthly workshop to spread our knowledge to the community of car care enthusiasts in the Chicagoland area…

Yesterday, Dr. Beasley’s hosted a hands-on workshop regarding modern paint care. Our Modern Paint Care Workshop dives into the right ways to care for your paint; focusing on claying, polishing, and waxing. The attendees at our local Chicago location loved the experience, and were particularly blown away with claying. Some had only heard of clay before so we let them see for themselves how much a simple clay treatment can help prior to a polishing procedure. As I said before, they were completely blown away!

We’d like to thank all of those who joined us. We’re happy to see a great local following, and we’re always happy to help educate enthusiasts around the country. Interested in a workshop or think Dr. Beasley’s can be of help for a car club or car show presentation? Email today for more information!

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