Green Car Care Tips

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Respecting The Environment While Cleaning Your Car

Today it seems as if the majority of the world has turned their eco-friendly light on. You’ll see “green” candles, “green” wine bottles, and now “green” car care products. This isn’t brand new, but it’s being taken to another level now that process is playing a bigger role. Conscious changes to formulas, procedures, and product combinations have revealed products with ideal balances between the product’s effectiveness for the car, and its environmental consciousness. Below we have highlighted some of the recent breakthroughs and included some tips for at-home detailers to be more “green” when caring for their cars…

As chemical breakthroughs continue to develop, new ingredients are being used to create innovative products that are eco-friendly. In the car care industry, leading manufacturers tend to rely on historic formulas, while modern innovators are using these chemical and technological advancements to put these products on the market. These “old” formulas utilize low-cost, low-quality ingredients that are typically harmful to the environment. At Dr. Beasley’s, we have directed our support toward the “green” front and continue to make pushes in environmentally conscious manufacturing.

Here are a few “green” breakthroughs and techniques that every detailing enthusiast should know about:

  • Product: A pH neutral, high-shine biodegradable car wash soap; Premium Body Wash
  • Product: World’s first 100% VOC free Glass Protectant and Sealant; Glass IQ
  • Tip: If you’re not using a biodegradable car wash soap, be sure to clean your car on a dirt, gravel, or grass surface. Some car wash soaps use harsh chemicals that don’t belong anywhere near water sources and sewer drains.
  • Tip: When you run out of a product, check if the manufacturer offers gallon sizes. You can always refill plastic spray bottles and you’ll save money, too!
  • Tip: Don’t overuse product. If you’re using a product that requires a lot of sprays or applications, something’s off. Find concentrated, “green” formulas and you’ll use much less product.
  • Tip: Flush dirty car wash water down the toilet. Toilet plumbing goes through a much more advanced filtration system and don’t get included in drinking water, making it a safer place to toss dirty water.
  • Tip: Shut the nozzle off! Don’t let the water run needlessly, it just wastes water.
  • Tip: Always use a microfiber towel. Don’t use paper towels or one-use rags that you’re just going to throw away. Microfiber can be washed, reused, and is safer for your car.

Implementing environmentally friendly techniques, products, and concepts into your detailing routines is a great way to help the environment while helping your car, too. The benefits are endless, for both you and the environment. There’s less waste, more savings, a healthier car, and a healthier conscience. Join the revolution and start shopping smart, buy green car care products.