Paint Cleaning To Remove Oxidation

Car Paint Oxidation on Brown Volvo

Two Ways To Reverse Fading and Discoloration

Throughout the life of a vehicle, its paint is exposed to countless environmental contaminants. These contaminants, such as acid rain, UV rays and more, are natural and are always present. Properly protecting your car is the best way to prevent these problems, but what if they’ve already occurred? Oxidation occurs when the contaminants in the paint interact with the air’s oxygen, and combined with the power of UV rays, paint begins to microscopically fracture. In this case, dirt, debris and grime embed themselves in your car’s paint and end up fading the color once they have oxidized. This can be extremely visible on white or silver cars where you may see some yellowing of the paint. Read on to learn a quick secret to cleaning your car’s paint and removing oxidation completely…

Two Step

Traditional carnauba waxes don’t have cleaning agents, so when you’re applying the wax you are simply covering up any contamination on the surface. This is where paint cleaners come in. A standard paint cleaner helps to replace lost oils from the paint, remove oxidation, and leave you with the reflective finish you once knew. What’s great about a premium paint cleaner is that it properly preps the surface for enhanced wax application, prolonging the wax’s durability and shine. This one extra step can save you boatloads throughout the life of your car, and when combined with wax there’s no better way to rejuvenate and protect your car’s paint.


  • Allows for wax layering
  • More effective paint cleansing
  • Longer lasting results


  • Longer process
  • Must use multiple products

One Step

New technology has allowed paint cleaning technology to improve significantly over the past decade, and has even brought about the combination of wax and cleaner. Cleaner waxes have broken into the market and have quickly become a popular choice for at-home detailers when waxing their car. This, although simple and easy, isn’t as effective as the two-step clean and wax process mentioned above. In fact, cleaner waxes tend to have grit and act more as a polish than they do a paint cleaner. Rather than chemically breaking down contaminants, traditional cleaner waxes tend to be mildly abrasive inorder to achieve the results of a paint cleanser. They’re popular because they are a one-stop-shop kind of product, but the quickest way may not always be the best option for your car’s finish.


  • Single step system
  • Quick and easy
  • All-in-one product


  • Less durable protection
  • Somewhat messy
  • No wax layering

Any detailing enthusiast or car owner should understand the simple techniques needed to best care for your car. Whether you use a paint cleaner and then a wax, or a paint cleaning wax, the important thing is that you’re caring for your car.