Matte Paint Care Guide

Matte Black Saab Being Cleaned

The Products Behind Preserving Matte Paint Finishes

If you own a matte car then you know how confusing it used to be to care for your paintwork without proper products. Until now there has been an absence of quality detailing products for those with unique matte finishes, but that has changed. You’ve heard you can’t wax and you’ve heard you can’t polish, so what good is detailing your matte car you ask? Protection. As with any car, protecting the surface helps to eliminate future problems before they arrise. Because matte paint can’t truly be fixed, this makes for the perfect approach to matte paint care. Read on to see what products to use, when to use them, why they’re different, and what makes them so easy to use…

Matte Paint Sealant is the first “wax” type product available for matte surfaces that uses absolutely no carnauba or other any other wax. Typical waxes and sealants tarnish the matte surface by filling in the tiny imperfections that make matte paint what it is; this formula was designed specifically to create a bond only a single molecule thick so it won’t do any filling. The unique formula bonds with every angle of the surface and is applied using a revolutionary water-central system. There’s no abrasive polishing, no over application, no shine; just a consistent molecule of perfect protection to shield the paint from UV rays, environmental contaminants, and more. Learn more.

Matte Body Wash takes an entirely different approach to washing matte paint. Commonly, those with these unique cars use dish detergent to wash their car because of its degreasing power. Although this may appear to work, dish soaps are over powerful and can end up drying out your paint. This pH balanced car wash soap for matte cars was designed to clean thoroughly and break down grease and grime, all without causing harm to the gentle matte surface. Matte Body Wash, when combined with Matte Paint Cleanser helps to leave the flat surface with a non-splotchy, even sheen (but never a shine). Learn more.

Matte Paint Cleanser is the use-as-you-need matte paint cleaner that breaks down heavily bonded dirt, grime, grease, and more. The powerful yet conservative formula allows for easy use with water, and since there’s no fillers you can be sure that all you’ll see when you’re done is your special finish. This product was made for use with Matte Body Wash to compliment the car wash process, especially on mess-prone areas such as behind tires, lower rear end, and the car’s grille. Similar to clay, this formula not only allows for great cleaning, but it allows you to preserve the surface by preparing it for application of a paint sealant. When combined with Matte Body Wash and Matte Paint Sealant, your matte car’s appearance won’t ever disappoint. Learn more.

Matte Final Finish is a revolutionary product that allows matte car owners to use one of the most popular product-types in car care; a detail spray. Matte Final Finish is different than every other detail spray because it uses no silicones and no fillers. A detail spray manufactured for clear coat, on the other hand, would oil up the surface and bring a not-so nice shine to your purposely flat paintwork. This formula is designed for removing fingerprints (which all matte owners know apear all too often), bird droppings, and even light dust. Matte Final Finish is the perfect product to keep handy so that your matte car is never more than a few sprays away from looking pristine. Learn More.

Together these products are forging a new direction in the matte car industry and are allowing owners of these unique cars to better care for their vehicles. To us, that’s what it’s all about. Better products that yield better results for the enthusiast at home.