Dashboard Reflection On Windshield

A Quick Tip To Avoid Dashboard Reflections

Choosing the right protection product for your dash isn’t just about price, it’s about safety and visibility. Dashboard reflections occur when the wrong product is chosen: dressings. These protection products use formulas to shine, but not condition the surface. These are usually referred to as “dressings” or “shields,” and they cause a lot of glare. Read on to learn product alternatives and tips so your view is uninterrupted by glare…

The first thing you should always consider when cleaning your car’s dashboard is which products you should use. Start by using a basic interior cleaner and follow that with a conditioner. Unlike dressings, conditioners get absorbed by the surface, whether it’s vinyl, rubber, leather, or plastic. This means no reflective shine, and most importantly, a clear and reflection-free windshield.

What to look for in an interior protectant

It’s not as simple as you might think to find a quality interior conditioner. The first and most important thing to look for, keeping the dashboard reflection in mind, is a conditioner with a matte finish. Gloss finishes are extremely reflective and will have you squinting in no time. Always opt for a conditioner over a “sealant” or “dressing” because you want the product to be absorbed by the surface for maximum protection and minimal shine.

What Products To Avoid

Let me reiterate; anything with the word dressing in its name should be avoided. Other than that, here are a few of the most notorious reflection-causing culprits in the industry:

  • Any Kind Of “armor” or “shield” – Most of these products produce a shine that just sits on top of the surface. This is not good for the dashboard.
  • Any Spray-On Protectant – Typically a conditioner needs to be applied using an applicator, if it’s sprayed on there’s a good chance it will cause a reflection due to the liquified shine agents in the formula.
  • Wipe Applied Protectant – These are similar to spray-on protectants in that they don’t offer anything to be absorbed. These tend to leave lint as well as a shiny surface for the sun to take advantage of.

To summarize, the cause of dashboard reflections on car windshields is directly related to the protection product you use for your dash. Avoid dressings, sprays, and quick-fix wipes. Instead, get a quality interior conditioner for your plastic, vinyl, or leather dash and see the difference for yourself.

  • Gene Dushek

    Simple, 100% solution to dashboard reflections. Using a large piece of cardboard, make a template of the driver’s half of the dashboard. Cut a slot for the defroster output. Buy some speaker grille cloth. I used charcoal color to absorb the sun and not relect anything Glue or staple the cloth to the template. When it is sunny, put it on the dash or leave it on all the time. You can slide it on or remove it in a blink of an eye. The cloth will let the defroster air through it.