Preparing For Labor Day Driving

Blue Austin Healey 3000 MK III

Get Your Car Ready For The Road

For as long as road trips have been a part of American culture, so has dirty driving. We all love to go the distance and see the country, but don’t forget that your car is going to see a lot, too. Especially if you’re traveling through multiple states, your car is going to be welcomed by a fury of new environments, contaminants, and probably some new bugs, too. Here’s how to make sure your car is ready and what you should do after the labor day festivities have come to an end…

The best way to prepare your car for a road trip is a fresh layer of exterior protection. Each surface of your car is uniquely vulnerable to the elements, so I’ve laid it out so you can better understand:

  • Paint is susceptible to everything from bugs to UV rays, so a layer of wax is a must before any road trip. Whether it’s to grandmas or the Grand Canyon, give your ride some protection against dust, dirt, bugs, UVs, acid rain, rock chips, and more.
  • Glass is one of the hardest hit spots during a long road trip. Not only will a glass sealant help to relieve the stress of scraping bugs from your windshield, it will also protect against glass pitting and grime.
  • Wheels need attention, too. Lots of driving means lots of braking, so if you protect your wheels with a wheel sealant then next weeks cleaning job gets easier, and your wheels will be shielded against corrosion.
  • Trim gets hit with a lot of sun on a road trip. This can cause fading, cracking, and discoloration if left unprotected. Grab a plastic sealant and apply it before your next road trip to keep your car’s trim protected.

If you protect these exterior finishes before your trip, you’ll experience a cleaner car throughout the journey, and you won’t have to clean as much when you get home. Once you return from your adventure, it’s always a good idea to perform a basic car wash, and if you take the preliminary steps above, you’ll notice your ride’s appearance hasn’t skipped a beat.