2011 Lotus Exige Matte Black Final Edition

Lotus Exige Matte Black Final Edition

You Know You Want One

Okay, the initial hype is making my head spin, but damn this car is hot. I’ve always loved Lotus, but the Exige is in a completely different category than the Elise or the older Esprit. As for the Matte Black Final Edition, well I won’t be one of the lucky 25 to grab one, but a guy can dream. Now I’m 6’2″, so a Lotus probably isn’t the best idea for a man my size, but I don’t think the 275hp engine will have a problem sinking anyone into the driver’s seat. This car is brute muscle packed tightly into a sexy little body known as the Exige…

If Batman had a younger sibling, you’d better believe he’d be trailing his older brother’s Lambo in one of these. The Gotham taxpayers can afford it, right? At $69,000, this limited edition special is one cool car for the money. So which would you have, a gas guzzling 8-cylinder E550 or this efficient 4-cylinder Exige? I’ll speak for both of us and say that I’d hop in the roadster, find a road worth driving on and let her rip. All day. All night.

To the 25 charmed owners, congratulations. You’ve grabbed yourselves a piece of automotive art, and with that comes responsibility. A precious paintjob like this deserves attention and care. Luckily, for Final Edition owners and anyone else with a matte finished car, there’s a premium solution for your car cleaning and detailing needs.

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