Removing Stickers From Car Glass

Easily Remove Stickers in 3 Quick Steps

Whether your son parked your car in the staff lot or you got tagged by the sticker marketeers, there’s an easy process to removing the sticky remains without damaging your car’s glass. First you’ll need a sponge, a small razor blade, a quality auto glass cleaner, and a glass cloth. I don’t recommend using Windex or any other generic glass cleaner, as household cleaners are inferior to auto glass cleaners¬†and can leave your windows streaky and smudge ridden. Just follow these three easy steps and you won’t have to worry about a thing…

First you’ll want to wet the sponge and dab the sticker until it becomes saturated. You will be able to tear the edges with your fingernail, but this would take too long and isn’t as effective as the next two steps are.

Second, grab your razor and, at roughly a 35 degree angle, glide it along the glass in a back and forth motion to remove the sticker. As long as the horizontal edge of the razor is gliding along the surface, you won’t scratch the glass at all.

Third, now that the sticker is off, you will need a premium auto glass cleaner and a glass cloth. Spray the area with the glass cleaner and wipe dry with the class cloth. Your window should be clear, clean, and rid of any sticker residue.

Simple as that, and your window is clean and sticker free! Don’t over pay at an automatic car wash when you can easily take care of it at home. Save time and money by preparing yourself with the supplies you’ll need to care for your car’s windows!