Removing The Brakedust You Can’t See

Matte Black Saab Wheel

Once A Year, Full Wheel Detail

It’s no secret how dirty your car’s wheels get over the course of a year. Regular car washes and protection will help to keep them looking clear, but there’s a side of your wheels that your eyes don’t see. By following our wheel cleaning guide and doing this extra step once a year, your wheels will look great both inside and out. Here’s what most people won’t do to protect and clean their wheels…

If you know how to change a tire, this won’t be all that hard. Most drivers won’t even think about taking their wheel off to clean, but the those who keep it in mind will be rewarded in the years to come. Behind those beautiful rims are brakedust, and a whole lot of it. By removing the wheel to clean with a powerful brakedust remover, you’re effectively battling corrosion and pitting that would otherwise go unnoticed. When left alone, this can lead to further corrosion that can spread to the outer wheel and compromise the integrity of your wheels.

With the wheel off, you can also protect the inside of your wheels. By using a premium wheel sealant, you’re not just making the surface shine, you’re also adding protection that shields the metal or painted finish from grease, grime, and corrosion causing breakdust. This is extremely important because the insides of your wheels see more than the outsides, so just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean nothing is there.

It’s best to complete this detail about once a year. By doing this you’ll effectively slow down the effects that brakedust is having on the insides of your wheels, and it will also benefit the exterior appearance of your rims by keeping brakedust away. If you love your wheels and you’ve got multiple sets (racing, seasonal, etc.), it can’t hurt to complete this process every time you change them out. It’s a great way to allow your wheels to look good while lasting as long as your car does.