Detailing Is An Art, But Really?

Spray Paint on Car Carpet

Detailer Uses Spray Paint To Cover Carpet Stains

I’ve heard of detailing horror stories, but this one made me think. First off, what kind of detailer uses spray paint to cover brown carpet stains instead of just shampooing the carpets? Secondly, why would someone take the cheap way out when doing it themselves is so simple? We say we love our cars, but when there’s an issue that requires cleaning, the first thing most people result to is the nearest, cheapest, and fastest detailing shop. As you can see from this detailing nightmare, some people have to find out the hard way.

The bottom line here is when it comes to detailing, don’t take any chances by bargain hunting. It’s much more effective and efficient to grab the products you need and remove carpet stains caused by spills yourself. If you leave it up to someone you can’t trust, you might just find yourself huffing paint with a slight hint of mold in a few weeks.

Whether or not you care for your car yourself, always consider the consequences of taking shortcuts. Where there’s standing liquid from rain or spills, the chance of bacteria growth increases. This can lead to funky odors and stains, so taking care of the situation as soon as possible is always the best solution. Consult an expert or take it to the pros, but make sure you look them up on Yelp first… trust me, your car will thank you.