The Worlds Greatest Drag Race

In the midst of my daily cruise to work this morning, I happened to see a very rare car. Speeding past me in the carpool lane was a 2011 Ferrari 468 Italia, one of the most beautiful cars ever made in my opinion. Naturally, once I got to work I started googling videos of this car that will now be plastered in my head for the next few hours. Anyway, I came across a video that every car lover should watch…

This truly is the drag race of drag races. You’ve got all the major players except for Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and the eccentric supercars such as Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and Zonda. Either way, MotorTrend took a look into some of the cars that most people envy, and few can afford in an exciting 11 car drag. Check out the video for yourself:

If you missed the result or happened to blink as the cars were crossing the finish line, here’s how the race turned out.

11.) Lotus Evora S (12.9 sec @ 109.9 MPH)
10.) BMW 1 Series M Coupe (12.8 sec @ 110.2 MPH)
9.) Porsche Cayman R (12.7 sec @ 111 MPH)
8.) Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca (12.4 sec @ 115 MPH)
7.) Porsche 911 GT3 RS (11.9 sec @ 120.7 MPH)
6.) Chevrolet Corvette Z06/Z07 (11.9 sec @ 123.7 MPH)
6.) Lexus LFA (11.9 sec @ 123.7 MPH)
4.) Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (11.7 sec @ 124.1 MPH)
3.) Audi R8 GT (11.5 sec @ 125.1 MPH)
2.) Ferrari 458 Italia (11.3 sec @ 125.6 MPH)
1.) Nissan GT-R (11.2 sec @ 121.8 MPH)

To my surprise the GT-R did absolutely amazing, taking the lead and never turning back to beat both the Ferrari and the Audi. Even though we’re talking milliseconds, the Nissan seemed to take this one quite easily. Looks like there’s a new “King of the Monsters.”