A Simple Step to a Better Detail

Tape on Car for Detailing

The Right Way to Tape Off Your Car

Before buffing your car, it’s a good idea to know how to tape off areas that are vulnerable during a polishing procedure with detailing tape or painter’s tape. Polish can lead to discolored trim and is easily trapped in crevices around emblems and windows. For a better detail and less of a clean up, read on and see where the tape belongs.

Trim​ is very susceptible to polishes and can turn white if the polish sits on the surface. That said, it’s important to always tape off trim around doors, windows, sunroofs, and even radio antennas.

Glass​ and paint polishes don’t work too well together. If possible, tape around the edges and cover the windows with paper or a towel. This will keep the polish from sticking to the surface and creating a future burden.

​Wheels​ can be tough to clean if you’ve covered them in polish. Toss an old t-shirt or towel over your car’s wheels to prevent any over-spray.

Emblems are generally accompanied by tiny cracks that polish can seep into. These areas are hard to clean, and the polishes can also wear away the adhesive that holds your emblem on – tape it up.

Lights​ in both the front and rear of your car are generally made out of plastic, with very few exceptions. Taping around the lights will help prevent over-spray from entering the cracks between paint and plastic.

These few areas will guarantee you a better detail, and better yet, a quicker cleanup afterwards. What more could you ask for? Check out this video highlighting what a properly taped off car should look like…