What Driving a Stick Says About You

Ferrari Stick Shift

Recently, Mini (a company that boasts the highest % of manual drivers on the road) teamed up with Hunch.com┬áto see if driving a car with a manual transmission says anything about you as a person. Needless to say, their results are astounding. Some of which I would have assumed, but some categories that you’d never have dreamed are covered in their nifty infographic.

Now although things such as favorite foods, stylistic preferences, and favorite books are a little out of the car enthusiast category, I’m sure you will find the results quite compelling in all categories. For example, the study concluded that 75% of manual drivers have changed a tire – a much different story for those who drive automatic cars (33%). How about the conclusion that automatic drivers are more likely to be people-watchers? Someone has to be offended somewhere. To myself I’m wondering how this must relate to people detailing their cars and I’m positive you’d find that those who drive manual cars are more likely to take better cosmetic care of their cars.

With no disrespect to automatic drivers, lets face it, driving a stick shift puts you closer to the nostalgic feeling of being behind the wheel of a powerful machine. You’re in control, the passion is there. That said, who do you think would be more likely to wax their car seasonally, someone driving a stick or someone who might have no idea how many gears their car has? The answer is simple.

  • But I still prefer automatic cars than the manual because I suck at manual clutching and I'm getting used to it.