How To Turn Your Filthy Car Into A Work Of Art

Well we’ve got our own ways, but check this guy out. Also known as the “Da Vinci of Dust,” the Dirty Car Artist takes the meaning of a dirty car to a whole new level. His art can be found all over the internet, ranging from back-window Stooges to imaginative landscapes. Scott Wade breathes new life into dirty cars everywhere, but for the rest of us, a car wash will have to do.

If you’re planning on doing art like this at home, please be aware of the potential harm that the dirt and dust can have on your vehicle. And please, don’t drag dirt like this across your paint (notice all of Scott’s art is done on glass) because such abrasive material can lead to paint fractures and even swirl marks next time you wash your car. As for the Dirty Car Artist, I hope he keeps doing his thing. I, however, will take a clean car any day of the week.

Check out Scott and his work: