What To Consider When Buying Car Care Products

White Lotus Exige S

In many ways, buying car care products is like buying skin care products. You need to keep in mind how and where the products to ensure you’re providing the surface with the best possible treatment. While background knowledge on procedure and science can put you at an advantage when it comes to picking the right car product, we’ve simplified the important ideas to share with the everyday enthusiast…


When it comes to car care products, quality of ingredients has everything to do with quality of the product. A great way to measure quality in the real world is to test how much of a product you need use to get the job done. Does the shine fade after a week? Do you think it can look better? If it takes half the bottle and doesn’t brighten up your ride, you might want to reconsider your choice. Quality is all about results, but as you’ll soon read it’s about what’s inside as well.


Breakthroughs in chemical technology have allowed the car care industry to “go green.” When shopping for car care products, opt for the biodegradable detailing products. Also keep in mind the pH level of the product you’re buying; if something is highly caustic, it’s best to stay away.

Product Manufacturing

Going along with eco-friendliness and quality, the way car care products are manufactured is important to consider before buying. When at all possible, avoid mass produced products. Going along with quality, you can tell a good car care product by the time the company spends making it, testing it, and developing it. Don’t forget that “you get what you pay for” can apply to auto detailing products, too.

The Company

Anyone can buy a carnauba wax at Target, Amazon, or Walmart. Problem is, when determining what the best product is to buy for your car, the get-it-all stores can’t stand up. You know the brands I’m talking about, and it doesn’t take too much to spot them in the stores. If a company takes the time to carry a message, help the detailing community and stand by their products, you can bet their producing quality car products.

When you’re shopping for car care products and auto detailing products, it just takes an eye. Read the labels before you buy them, check out their website, read what they have to say. If you can trust the company, you can trust the products – after that it’s all about the results!