60 Hours, 1 Detail, and a Ferrari Full of Passion

Ferrari F40

Ferrari’s F40 is one of those cars that defined the outermost capabilities of the automotive industry. Its radical features, defined trim, inlets, outlets, and that iconic spoiler – it all adds up to what is commonly referred to as one of the greatest super cars ever. Granted the year was 1987 and sat-nav was a ways down the line, the Ferrari F40 doesn’t thrill on the inside. What does send shivers down your spine, however, is the car’s overwhelming power and signature looks. And when it comes to detailing this beast… well, let’s see…

Now I’ve detailed a Ferrari or two, but nothing quite as rare as an F40. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, but walking up to a Ferrari is like being in a museum. In short, it’s breathtaking. With a car like this, or any Ferrari for that matter, your whole detailing strategy changes.¬†Polishing isn’t just polishing anymore. With a Ferrari, caution is priority number one. The detailing rhetoric changes a bit; correction becomes preservation, care depends on precision, and the process has to be gentle. As you’ll read, 60 hours in a restoration detail with a 3,000 mile F40 takes some time… but it’s well worth the dedication. Enjoy.

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